Premium Bitcoin Cam Sites

If you’re thinking of ways to entertain yourself with untraceable crypto, then live sex shows are the way to go. And we’re not talking just any, it’s premium Bitcoin cam sites where they offer you nothing but the highest sexual thrills. Finally, you can get your dirty desires fulfilled, safely and discreetly than ever before.

Although there is one downside to Bitcoin, anonymity means you can’t reverse a payment, so it’s best if you know where all that money goes. That’s why we have prepared for you two sites that check all the marks; professional models, high-quality streams, user-friendly interface, and most importantly they can be trusted, unlike many others.


LiveJasmin Cam Site

Right from the moment you enter this live sex site, you’ll see how everything looks luxurious, which is appropriate since you want to feel like a king. LiveJasmin has been the place for many innovations, on all fronts, like cam preview with mouse hover, HD-only streams, and including Bitcoin as a payment option was the next logical step for them back in the day, after which many have followed.

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That’s plenty of reasons to put LiveJasmin on the pedestal and give it the title of number one webcam site, but they even surpass themselves at times. The models are gorgeous, 10/10, there simply isn’t anything bad you could say about them, on the contrary, you won’t find words worthy enough to describe their beauty.

Purchasing BTC is too easy, once you create an account, you’ll automatically be redirected to choose your payment method, where you need to select the “Cryptocurrencies” option. Once that is done, the next thing in line is a number of credits, the more money you spend, the exponentially more bonus credits you get, so it’s best to fill it up at the very start.

Then you can enjoy your private Bitcoin sex shows, and boy is there a lot to choose from. With crystal clear quality, you’re granted to watch some dazzling babes tease you until that cock is rock hard. And they will juice it out, after which you can rest assured that your anonymity is preserved, so enjoy your orgasm to the fullest.


Chaturbate Live Cam Site

This premium webcam site is well known for its innovative approach to camming, and the abnormal number of people that it attracts, both performers and users alike. Crypto and Bitcoin in particular have been sought for by the community, and if anyone knows how to listen and improve, that’s Chaturbate.

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The shows here are really simple, you tip with other users, and you make the model do things based on the token count. You can also o private, that’s where you’ll really get your money’s worth. Considering there are 5000+ models on a bad day, you’re going to find whatever you want, and all your desires, fetishes and kinks are going to be sated, no doubt about it.

Once you create an account, Bitcoin is purchasable in just a couple of clicks, with prices closely following the actual worth of your coins at any given moment. On top of that, they have added a failsafe by demanding an e-mail address, just in case you want a refund, which wouldn’t be possible on many other cam sites.

Some of the most popular sections of Chaturbate are “Couples”, where you’re also going to find gangbangs and group sex. That’s where all the filth goes down, you tell them what you want to see, be it spanking, feet licking, or some anal during bondage, the guys and gals here will overcome your expectation.


Being a decentralized currency has all ups and no downs when you pair it with such premium cam sites. No one will ever know that it’s you, there is no possible way of tracking you down, which is what most of us want when paying for adult entertainment.

Bitcoin is on top of that a great way to get extra worth for the same amount of money. Live sex chat sites usually offer better deals to customers paying with crypto, since they don’t have to pay enormous fees, which is the case with other payment options because of banks.

So don’t worry, you’ll have your fun, your privacy is preserved, and you’re going to bust some fat loads on premium Bitcoin cam sites named LiveJasmin and Chaturbate.

Live Bitcoin Webcam Chat

Are you sick of typing in your credit card info time and time again, or are you worried that your privacy might be somewhat compromised on a cam site, maybe both? Well, the solution to your problem is quite easy, just switch over to cryptocurrency as your desired payment processing option, and you won’t have any of those issues with a live Bitcoin webcam chat.

It all sounds awesome, but why should you trust something that’s physically unobtainable? Everything is software-related, and a lot of people straight up see it as a scam, and truth be told, the same could be said for credit cards, most of us don’t understand the technology unless we find the answer.

What is Bitcoin Exactly?

See, it’s quite simple, bitcoin operates as a reward for people willing to mine data, basically hosting their computer for mathematical equations which are untraceable since there are so many random PC’s doing those calculations. Meaning your data is protected, unbreachable, no one other than you can access it.

Now you can also buy bitcoin, which is akin to exchanging your money into another currency, and from there on, you can use it to buy almost anything. What we’re here for, though, are live cam sites (like LiveJasmin), which are one of the best utilizers of this technology, since most of us don’t want to have the horny side of our lives stapled to a billboard.

Why Should I Use Bitcoin for Porn?

Using other payment processors is risky, not that you’re 100% guaranteed to have your money or private info stolen or leaked, but why even take a risk? Imagine watching some of your favorite performers, feeling all high and mighty, busting a fat nut, and then having to worry if someone is going to find out all about what you’ve been doing.

And it’s quite easy, the hackers might blackmail you, the bank might screw you over by sending the credit card history/statement to your mailbox, and then someone intercepting it. Or any other scenario for that matter, it’s just not worth biting your nails over, which is why bitcoin is a God-given option.

That’s just a part of bitcoin’s perks, you also get lightning-fast service, your money will appear anywhere in a matter of moments. Imagine just taking a couple of steps to fill up your tokens to the brim, and getting to use them almost instantly, time is money, and shortening all the boring wait times is a part of bitcoin’s success.

Mind you, we’ve all got fetishes, and using incognito mode won’t save you, but bitcoin will. Your name doesn’t appear anywhere, that’s a major factor in why it’s so good, no one cares who’s the guy behind the bits, or maybe they do, but guess what? They will never find out, that is, unless you straight up tell someone, but that won’t happen.

Love It or Not, Bitcoin is the Future

Most sex cam sites are gladly going to accept your bitcoins, but you should beware because there are no refunds, that’s why you should first and foremost do research about the site, as anyone should on the internet, trusting anything blindly will only get you into a rabbit hole of scammers and thieves.

Anonymity comes with a price, and you don’t have to pay it if you know which sites to visit, but seeing as most people who are using bitcoin are extra careful, you certainly aren’t going to put in an extra decimal space and overspend.

There’s No Reason To Not Use Bitcoin

Don’t we all like to be carefree no matter what we do? That’s the whole point of bitcoin, you don’t have to understand it inside out to be able to use it for personal betterment. Each new visit to a live bitcoin webcam chat is going to be more exciting than the last one, you will dream of your next roleplay with a hot model, and you are going to experience it all, no doubt.

It’s never too late to change your habits and switch over to something safer than a credit card, at least for certain purposes. And what’s even better, all the money on a wallet you have could be increased in just a few months, sometimes even doubled, so really, bitcoin is a full-on investment in yourself.

Bitcoin Sex Cams In 2021

Cryptocurrencies have been the next big thing for quite some time now, but it isn’t until recently that people have started to understand their value on a global scale. When you cut out the bank as your forefront for purchases, and switch the focus to using Bitcoin wherever it is possible, total anonymity is easily retained.

It’s just one of many advantages, more importantly, it’s especially useful on live sex cams, which are without a doubt the types of sites that pull a majority of the worldwide traffic besides social networks. Despite its popularity, turns out sex is still a taboo topic in the mainstream circles, as if no one does it, so it’s best if you protect yourself.

How Does Bitcoin Do It?

Let’s start with the fundamentals, from its inception Bitcoin was imagined as a decentralized network, protected by blockchain technology from third-party attacks. It may all sound like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo so let me simply explain it, your money is yours only, no one knows you have it, and no one but you can access it.

In terms of sex cams, this is a major breakthrough, a lot of people view these types of sites like they’re somewhat scammy, and they’re afraid for personal safety. It’s completely understandable, even though it’s quite impossible that you will have any issues on popular live cam sites.

Others feel uncomfortable having their purchase history on bank statements when they’re using credit cards. Someone might see that they’re visiting cam sites, and get into an awkward, or career-threatening situation, so it’s easier to bypass that issue with BTC.

A lot of sites incentivize their users to pay for a built-in currency like tokens with Bitcoin by offering discounts, so you’re basically getting more for less. And not to mention that you won’t be hassled by a bank for “suspicious activity” on your credit card, and having to go through the process of explaining that it’s actually you.

Are There Any Downsides?

When you purchase Bitcoins they are stored on a wallet, and you will get to use them whenever it suits you through a special link. One of the things you should be aware of is that Bitcoin value is constantly fluctuating, those $100 you got there might not be worth so much, but they could also be worth much more.

If we’re going by the metric of its history, it’s more likely that you’ll have more rather than less, but nothing is set in stone. One more heads-up for everyone is that there are no refunds, it’s the price of staying anonymous, but some sites do allow you those through a confirmation e-mail that you get in your inbox.

It’s best if you’re using a dump mail for these purposes, just in case you’re ever going to need that refund. As you can see, even those downsides are not really an issue, my suggestion for a site would be LiveJasmin, both in terms of quality and customer support, you’re going to get a bang for your buck most definitely.

The models are top-notch, held to a high standard, as well as everything around them such as HD quality being required (not many sites out there do it), the user interface being slick, and private shows offering everything you crave for, and in some cases even more than that.


Other payment methods pose a serious risk on you, and why should a moment of bliss be followed by days, weeks, or even months of anxiety? It’s easier to get rid of all the issues with Bitcoin, protecting yourself, your money, and getting handy with yourself without a single worry in the world.

Make sure to go with a trusted webcam site like LiveJasmin, it’s a high-class site for a reason, one of the first to implement cryptocurrency as a payment system, and allowing a vast majority of other alt-coins, which can’t be said for their competition.

3 Top Bitcoin Cam Sites

There is no need for me to introduce you to Bitcoin, we all know what it is, but where can you spend all that money accumulated over the years? The first thing that falls on people’s minds is, of course, sex-related, and while you’re at it, go for the most authentic experience possible.

In case you didn’t know, there are other things that make crypto perfect for cam sites, like anonymity first and foremost, you don’t want your girlfriend to find out, and the safety of your money is another concern as well. There sure are some scammy sites out there, and once your money is gone, it’s gone, but we’re here to help you bypass that issue with the 3 top Bitcoin sex cam sites.

LiveJasmin Cam Site

One of the pioneers of Bitcoin implementation into the payment system and the customers couldn’t be any happier about it. If there was one word to describe LiveJasmin it would be “premium”, it may sound like something expensive, but we’re referring to quality, there simply isn’t a site out there that can rival it.

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In terms of models, well, I wouldn’t be wrong if I said they’re mind-numbingly beautiful, you just can’t believe that something so stunning exists, you’ll rub your eyes because you’ll think that it’s all just a dream. Once you recollect your thoughts and actually pick a model, it’s time to get real filthy in a live private chat.

The HD standard is something that elevates the experience even further, no squinting and trying to figure out what’s happening between all those pixels, it’s going to look quite vivid. There’s a reason why LiveJasmin is a number one pick, the value you’re getting back for your Bitcoins is a tenfold return on the investment.

The good old Chaturbate, all hail the king of live cams! With its open for everyone business model, this site is where you’ll find the biggest diversity of models, it’s a stewing pot of various ethnicities, interests, fetishes, and whatnot, making it the perfect candidate even if for the amount of content only.

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That’s not the only metric though, this site is quite cheap, you could tune in to a model’s stream and drop a couple of tokens to instruct them on what to do, pushing towards the common goal with other people just like yourself. For all of you selfish bastards, there is an option to go private though, don’t worry.

Visiting Chaturbate for a quick handy is a win-win situation, you get a thrill for your buck, and a model gets closer to reaching the desired number of tokens. You can’t underestimate the storytelling aspect of most models, they’re able to play out certain scenarios which keep your attention longer than expected.

Although a bit of an underdog compared to the two previously listed Bitcoin sex cam sites, XLoveCam is a worthy visit for the lovers of technicalities and specifics. There are so many browsing options that you’ll be able to pinpoint the perfect model, the one you’ve been dreaming of, your muse, a ray of sunshine, you get the gist.

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You can stalk her and show up whenever she’s online, actually, the site encourages it with their log-in dates listed in the model bio. Even the correct time zone from which she broadcasts will be listed, the technology truly is impressive when you use it right, and they have so far, the Bitcoin payment option just confirms it.

What you’ll really love is the number of languages these babes speak, it’s quite impressive, I wonder if moans on French and English are any different. It sure helps that XLoveCams has never stopped improving over the years on all aspects, and it’s definitely showing on a bigger scale.


While it is sad that some sites haven’t implemented Bitcoin, it’s only a matter of time, but with these top 3 Bitcoin cam sites, you won’t even think of alternatives. The connection between the oldest profession in its evolved shape and the ultimate payment method is obvious because together they create something never seen before.

All the sexual activities without any risks whatsoever on both sides, sounds too perfect to be true, but it is real, and you’re living in that moment. Now that you know which ones are trusted, it’s time to set sails and let the wind take you on a journey, my advice would be that you should start with LiveJasmin, you will want to hop into an oasis of models from the very start.

LiveJasmin Bitcoin Cam Site

LiveJasmin Cam Site

One of the most popular and long-standing cam sites is here to stay at the top even after 20+ years in the business. Where others have trailed, LiveJasmin was quick to change and re-shape while staying true to their core of content-rich shows, and quality entertainment for many around the world.

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When it comes to payment options you won’t find a site that offers more, pretty much anything you can think of. It’s the same for Bitcoin, but there’s a reason why it should be the number 1 option for anyone who wants to keep their private shows anonymous, and personal information secure.

For starters you’re not tied to a bank, the government, or any establishment that could point a finger and read your name alongside the money deposit to an adult site. The payment processing is fast, there are no recurring payments available, and the most important thing – no one has access to the money except for yourself.

When you set up your account on LiveJasmin and buy the desired package of credits, you’ll be set to go, and if you’re a first-timer, there are some promo discounts and extra credits available, so stock up!

There are many other Bitcoin cam sites which deliver when it comes to a live sex and you can see them all on the MyBitcoinCams if you want to.

Your experience with the user interface will be a slick glide, it’s forthright, there are Boys and Girls tabs, and after that, you can choose some of the filters, or you can stack them up until you bottleneck the search to something specific.

Now to the fun part, the models, which are pure eye candy, you should take your time to pick the perfect one, despite there being so many online. Every chat window of a model will have a picture, and just in case you think they look too good to be true, hover with a mouse over them and you’ll get a quick preview in real-time, which will prove that true beauty does exist and it’s on LiveJasmin.

The cams are required to be in HD, it’s just the standard here, except for the newbie models. They might stream in a bit lower quality, but it’s so rare that you probably won’t stumble upon it. Still, the newbie section is worth visiting, the shows are dirt cheap, and you might find a diamond in the rough amongst the fresh batch of girls.

Still, if you want to get the best experience money can buy, you will find it here, the shows can go up to 10 credits if you’re willing to get the freakiest experience ever, but most models are in the 1-4 per minute credits range for private shows. The boundaries are set by the model, so if you’re looking for a certain fetish, make sure to ask them in live chat before you set off on an adventure.

LiveJasmin has a lot to offer, and the site is without a question a worthy stop to any cam sex admirer, everything about it is built for your comfort. Adding Bitcoin to the mix makes it even better, the blockchain technology is utilized to its full extent on cam sites, it’s a shelter for our money and privacy, so we can enjoy every moment of our live sex show without any worries.

Benefits Of Using Bitcoin Cam Sites

Privacy in today’s’ day and age is hard to achieve, with all the tracking, geolocation, banks, receipts, all pointing back to you, it feels nice to have some parts of your life safely hidden out of sight. It raises even more concerns when it comes to cam sites, and your sexual life, most people don’t like sharing their fetishes with others, and rightfully so, what happens behind the closed doors should stay there. That’s why you should use the safest payment option which is Bitcoin when purchasing credits to tip your favorite performer, or if you’re going into a kinky one-on-one show and want to use some money to get yourself the most valuable experience.

We have made a list of the best webcam sites to make your life easier so you do not have to go through all the bad places that only want to rip you off. You can check it out on the MyBitcoinCams right now.

The first thing you will notice is that most sites like LiveJasmin have multiple payment options listed, usually credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Each of these has certain benefits, but the question is, are they all safe? The answer is simple, no. If you were to pay with your credit card, you know that there is a bunch of stuff linking you back to the bank, your name is there, and you’re getting statements back at your address, which I’m sure you would agree with me, is not the best thing if you want to keep your privacy.

Then there’s PayPal, a bit safer option, but you still have to link your credit card, there are confirmation e-mails getting back to you, and someone might see it, it’s a chance you wouldn’t want to take, an unnecessary risk. With Bitcoin you’re free to do whatever you want on cam sites, your wallet is secured, there’s no name on it, safe from hackers, it’s practically impossible to get compromised even if you wanted to. Your anonymity is guaranteed, and there are more websites rushing to implement Bitcoin.

Considering every payment you make is encrypted, you can even make a different address each time you’re depositing money from an e-wallet for extra safety. And the waiting time for your transaction is barely noticeable, the moment you input your credentials and approve, you will have the money transferred to a cam site, and you set course on your journey.

Sometimes cam sites make your subscription a monthly recurrence, which can be bothersome, and you would get charged month after month until you actually decide to cancel it, but with Bitcoin, it won’t be an issue, since you can’t be charged without doing it yourself, no automated payments mean fewer headaches.

There are plenty of benefits for the websites as well, depending on the country they are operating in, cryptocurrency might not be taxed, which is making it much more appealing, and they are pushing to offer multiple benefits for Bitcoin-only purchases.

A lot of cam sites are offering bonus free credits for crypto payments, on top of keeping your safety, you are getting more action than the average user. The blockchain power of Bitcoin is making you anonymous, and makes sure you enjoy every moment of your webcam experience, without worries of someone like your wife or boss poking their nose in your business.

Does Streamate Accept Bitcoin?

There is no denying the fact that Streamate is one of the most popular cam websites in the world but do they take Bitcoin payments? I got this asked a lot of times by the readers of the MyBitcoinCams and I had to give you a definitive answer because there is a lot of misleading information out there about this all.

I really like Streamate and I used to spend tons of time there but these days not so much and one of the main reasons behind is that they actually do not offer you to buy tokens with your cryptocurrency wallet.

It is a really sad thing because they have one of the sexiest models and there are literally millions of horny men like me who would love to have some live sex with these beauties and spend their precious Bitcoins so that they stay anonymous and our wives, girlfriends, family, bank and others do not discover our filthy secrets.

But there are some other sites that happily let you to purchase some credits this way and LiveJasmin is one of them and you really need to check them out if you have not done it already because they known for the most enjoyable cams you can get online.

So forget about the Streamate for now and I will make sure to update this post once they get their shit together and they actually start offering BTC payments to their beloved clients or else they will keep losing them for competitors who are more innovative in this field.

Bitcoin Sex Cam Shows

Yesterday I had a private cam show on the LiveJasmin and I really loved it how effortless and easy it is to do Bitcoin payments on their site and there are no big fees attached.

Not to mention now I finally felt a real peace of mind fapping while having a live sex with these hot babes because I knew that my wife (or my bank) will never discover where I spent the $200 last night.

You can click here for the complete list of all Bitcoin cam sites and see for yourself what is this all about.

I stumbled upon the live room of a huge titty girl that caught my eye when I entered LJ and she was very kind to me from the start and she agreed to strip after I sent her tokens and we started our Bitcoin cam show. After three minutes she had my cock really hard and then she was playing with her pussy using a huge dildo that I asked her to use and she made me blow a cum load on myself and even some of it landed on the screen, but it was really superb.

Of course I thanked her for a very good time and I left a five star rating in her profile on the LJ. But my journey did not stop there, I wanted some BDSM action and ObedientValery was there to give me what I wanted at that time.

This little Latina was really obedient like her name suggests after receiving $100 worth in Bitcoin. She was calling me a master and following my commands to the latter because she knew that I would punish her if she did not do this. She was fucking herself really hard with two black sex toys while being tied up to the bed. She was yelping but I told her to do not stop until I had enough of it. I ended up nutting on myself and it was a very intense feeling.

I am going to make sure to spend more time with her in the near future because she seems to be a well behaved slave that does what she is told.

It is amazing that LiveJasmin accepts cryptocurrencies because now you do not have to worry about having your dirty secret revealed by anyone. I have added on MyBitcoinCams all Bitcoin cam sites that you might enter and they offer different models and types of shows so you should check out them all.

Does LiveJasmin Take Bitcoin Payments?

LiveJasmin Cam Site

Lately, I have been receiving many questions in the comments on whether LiveJasmin takes the Bitcoin payments or not and I think that I have to make it clear once and for all so there is no more confusion around it.

I am so glad to inform you all that LJ was actually one of the first sites that started offering cryptocurrencies as the form of buying tokens to their customers and they adopted it almost five years ago and this makes them one of the first live cam companies to do this.

It is good to see them as one of the adaptors because they have always been offering premium content and their models are known for really top notch live shows that you will hardly find anywhere else on the web.

I mean, I love Chaturbate and that they offer lots of for free, but when it comes to quality, it is where LiveJasmin comes and they are unbeatable in this field.

In case you want to see the list of other Bitcoin cam sites then just click on the link and you will be shown the whole list that I try to update every week with new entries and of course I also mention scammers that you should avoid so you do not get screwed by their unholy tactics.

Pay for Sex Cams with Bitcoins

Webcams have become a valuable part of our everyday lives, from daily face-timing with friends and family to group telephone meetings with colleagues. One of the more appealing and effective applications of modern technology is of course with Bitcoin cam sites. Eventually, places like Chaturbate became online arenas where you can chat live via webcam with sexy and horny women from across the world. Depending on the site, you can have a one-on-one steamy chat, or join a group chat where they will pleasure themselves in front of you and others.

Benefits of Bitcoin

Numerous porn websites are now incorporating Bitcoin payments, as opposed to traditional credit card payments which can cause a lot of problems in the long run. Bitcoin is considered a cryptocurrency that allows peer-to-peer transactions without having to go through a third party website and enter sensitive personal information.

Because it is online, it is an ideal way to pay for any kind of service or product and it is extremely fast so you never have to wait around for a transaction to process. It is instantaneous, easy and most importantly – safe!

There is a lot of good features of Bitcoin, and the reason that so many people have started to see its effectiveness, is the fact that it allows complete anonymity. As you know, credit cards leave a trace by issuing a statement where everyone can see how and where you are spending your money.

The use of Bitcoin involves an e-Wallet. This wallet can be kept with Bitcoins which you bought or traded from other companies and users, but when you actually purchase something with Bitcoins you will keep your personal information safe and sound. This is predominantly ideal for live web cam sites because paying customers never have to worry about something apprehensive showing up on their credit card reports.

Using Bitcoin in live chat rooms

When you do deicide to visit these bitcoin cam sites, you will see a lot of live sex shows performed by numerous hot models, porn stars and amateurs, from all over the globe. These models broadcast video feed live from a studio or from their own room.

There are different types of performers with a lot preferences to choose from. You can choose your model based on her/his looks, sex, age, ethnicity and so much more. Once the coins are in your member account, you can take a model in a private show and have a hot and a kinky interaction. You can also send tips to your favourite model or initiate a group show. Usually, the private shows are the ones that require the most coins, but at the end you will see that it is money well spent.

You can click here to see the list of best Bitcoin cam sites that you can meet and play with very naughty babes from different parts of the world at any time you want.

Why Bitcoin Dominates The Live Cam Industry

The porn industry is slowly but surely shifting its payment system to Bitcoin. In case you don’t know by now what Bitcoin is, it is an online virtual currency that many adult sites come to rely on. Adult entertainment is currently blossoming and more than ever before, every one can simply go online and look for his desired fetish.

The live cam industry has also been prospering and they are now taking that much needed piece of the porn pie. Many of these live cam websites like Chaturbate rise to popularity because the interaction between men and women has never been so simple and easy.

You can be at home in a safe environment, watching your model strip in front of you, knowing that you are totally anonymous. Cam sites offer a subscription, which you can pay by using your Bitcoin. After that, you can enter the enormous chat arena where you can watch and communicate with anyone. Your phantasy can turn into a reality with your model in a limitless and safe environment where you can explore your sexuality and your obsession. You have the power to induce any kind of wish from men, women, and couples.

There are now numerous reasons why the live cam industry is using Bitcoin. It’s extremely fast and secure because Bitcoin is based entirely online and your purchase will be completely anonymous. Remember when you paid with your credit card for a membership and someone made an unauthorized charge? Remember confronting your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend and admitting that there was a credit card payment for watching adult content? The fact that no one owns Bitcoin, no one can trace what that payment was made for.

There are no connections with the bank, and no hidden fees. With Bitcoin every transaction is recorded on a public block chain so you don’t have to worry about someone hacking your account. Many live cam websites are updating their security systems to a whole new level and they are implementing their own procedures so your enjoyment would be stress free. Nowadays you can set up your account in a matter of minutes.

You will need to connect your crypto wallet with your live cam website and start adoring the wonderful world of live chat rooms. I know that Bitcoin is expensive, but you can buy a small percentage of it and maximize your security of online payment to the fullest.  Putting your 16 digits credit card number will be a thing of the past, since Bitcoin is becoming the payment of the future.

We have to admit that more and more guys are disliking the fact when they need to enter their credit card credentials while paying for porn. Now a day, Bitcoin represents the best and the most convenient method of payment.

The future is now and every horny man needs to prepare themself for this revolutionary service which will help them in their everyday porn life. We can definitely say that Bitcoin is taking the porn world by storm and dominating the live cam industry.

MyTrannyCams Accepts Bitcoin

MyTrannyCams Cam Site

It is really happening. More and more cams sites accept bitcoin as a payment to their customers and now MyTrannyCams is one of them.

So if you are one of these people that get off on sexy women with big dicks and privacy is very important to you (it should be to everyone to be honest), then you have to join MyTrannyCams and spend some Bitcoin while having a live sex on there.

Actually, it is the very first tranny cam site that lets you to buy funds not only with traditional forms, but also with cryptocurrencies which is a new trend in the porn and we hope that there is no stopping it.

You can also visit MyTrannyCamSites for the whole list of different pages that feature live shows of trans beauties and some of them accept Bitcoin transactions.

A Perfect Mix – Cams and Bitcoin

Do you remember that kid when he sang that catchy song“It is peanut butter jelly time?”

That perfect mix, peanut butter and jelly, can be compared to widely known internet sensations – Cams and Bitcoin! These two are starting to gain more and more popularity in live cam industry and it os a flawless match.

They are a perfect example of how digital technology has grown over the years and how the porn industry has excepted this modern payment option and how everybody is using them for their own benefit.

Let’s see how this business and pleasure, modern online relationship, have become the biggest game changing breakthrough in the adult content world.

If from time to time, you are visiting adult websites and enjoying their models, you probably thought at one point that you want to pay for some extra content.

Numerous private shows are currently available for everyone and they are offering a variety of payment options. You can use your credit card to pay, but you have to be extra careful, since hackers are now using prestigious technologies that can easily empty your wallet and even trace your location and then it can get even worse for you.

Bank statements can also show what adult websites you have been visiting and which amount of money have you been spending on them. Monthly membership is even higher when you are paying with credit card all due to increased fees from banks.

The safest way that you can enjoy a good jerk off is to use Bitcoin, and trust me, it is a lot cheaper and a lot easier.

  1. You do not have to buy one BTC you can buy a fraction of it. So, you can simply buy 0.1% and the price will be reasonable.
  2. It is really safe to buy Bitcoins. There are now trusted exchange platforms where you can do this with total anonymity.
  3. It is safe and sound in your crypto wallet and nobody, and I mean nobody, can take it from you. Not even hackers.

Webcams now, are also giving you option to watch, tip and enjoy your time by paying with Bitcoin.

No more unnecessary interruptions when your credit is gone from your account, since you can automatically connect your crypto wallet with webcam chat windows.

Everybody is starting to use this type of method for interaction with porn models as users are now anonymous, secured and happy that no one knows what are they doing with their BTC.

Models are getting paid, subscribers can have their freedom, and finally the oldest craft is blossoming again! Hallelujah for the 21st century and what it has brought to us, the perfect mix, porn technology and modern digital payment.

Is My Secret Safe with Bitcoin Cams?

In today’s world where everything can be purchased online and from the comfort of your home, one can ask himself, is it safe to leave a trace of your credit card? To be honest of course it is not, with numerous hackers all over the world, you really need to be careful now more than ever to fully understand how serious this topic is.

So, if you are going to pay for something that can give personal satisfaction, you will need to use some other payment option so you can totally be untraceable and undetected.

Using your hard earned Bitcoin to watch your favourite model on the webcam from your sofa has never been easier than it is now. Let’s see what are your options.

A Bitcoin webcam chat is using state of the art protection services to help their users, members and models feel secure and confident.

Every live website that has private chat rooms and is offering Bitcoin tips for models, is giving you insurance that your generous tip will be completely anonymous and protected.

I used some of my cryptocurrencies to give it a try and I have to be honest with you, it was so easy to pay and enjoy your private show.

You have an option to tip the models, go into VIP section with numerous sex toys that will be used in front of you and so much more that only your imagination can desire.

Let’s put it this way, it is like going to a strip club but instead of going out of your home, driving your car for a long distance, wasting gas, pulling money from ATM so you can give that striper some cash, you are now laying down on your mattress and with a just a few clicks, everything is in your command.

I love the future! For users that do not have any kind of cryptocurrency you can use your credit card to make a payment and it will be processed with secure connection and encryption.

No staff member or model will have access to your personal purchase, so you do not have to worry about your information or any details from your credit card being compromised.

With cryptocurrency, not a single soul on this planet will know what you are doing with it and why should they?

It will remain totally anonymous and it is entirely up to you and how are you using it. One of the best features of using your Bitcoin while paying for a membership is that it is even cheaper than PayPal or any other payment options. Here is the whole list of all the best PP porn sites that you can join on the PPPornsite and they are very good at listing only good places to visit.

There are no connections with the bank, and no hidden fees that can ruin your complete pleasure while watching your model strip before your very eye.

Point of the matter is that next time you want to join a cam website (MyBitcoinCams lists them for you) or use their private chat rooms, do yourself a favour and look for that “pay by Bitcoin option so you can see how easy it is to be a premium member on any high end porn site.

Bitcoin Cams Are the Future

Do you remember as a kid when you were waiting for that 2 am adult movie to watch on your TV?

If somebody told you then that in a short period of time, the whole world would have access to any porn video in just a matter of minutes from a computer?

What would you say to that person if they also mentioned that you could interact with any porn model live and chat in private cam rooms in the comfort of your own home?

Would you believe them?

And to put a cherry on top, you would have an option to pay for this satisfaction in a virtual coin that has an enormous value, even more than regular money? Sounds crazy right?

Well Bitcoin is the name and future is the game.

The porn industry accepted Bitcoin cams like Chaturbate with arms wide open, a fresh and new way of payment. It really is not a surprise.

Why would anyone now risk of being caught and embarrassed by confronting one’s wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend admitting that there was a payment by credit card for watching adult content?

Now a day, it is really easy to trace all your recent transactions in your bank statement.

Wouldn’t you agree? So, in the best interest for the user, adult websites are now offering something that will change the game in the long run.

Putting your credit card credentials will become a thing of the past, since total anonymity is now available when you are paying with Bitcoin or with any other cryptocurrency.

You can easily set up an account, connect your crypto wallet with your favourite website, and start enjoying the best content provided. For a small portion of your Bitcoin you can get enormous benefits from it, you can chat uninterrupted, happy that no one will know what you are doing.

Live webcam are becoming more and more popular now more than ever, and they are offering payment by Bitcoin. It helps enormously with interaction between subscribers and streamers being more efficient.

No more putting necessary long credit card numbers when registering or paying, while thinking you can become a victim of a scam. Your enjoyment is the highest priority while Bitcoin can safely buy your favourite fetish on any live webcam.

It is becoming really clear now that we are in transition from standard to more digitalized revolutionary payment. We can only sit back, relax and embrace this wonderful kinky time knowing that our future in porn is very bright with Bitcoin.

Can I Make Money On Bitcoin Cams?

There is no doubt that people desire a live sex all the time, it sells very well and Bitcoin is the best way to spend money online so it is a very good situation for hot girls and hunky guys to make some good money in front of the camera, without even leaving your bedroom.

You just need a laptop, a relatively great internet connection and a hot body (keep in mind that men are attracted to all kinds of women, be it chubby, mature or nerdy ones as well) and a good personality goes a long way.

Here is the list of Bitcoin cam websites that will pay you every few days once you reach their payment threshold. You might consider joining them and working with them as a model.

So, how much can I realistically earn from my Bitcoin webcam work?

It is not unusual to earn like $50 per a one private session and you are not required to do anything hardcore, most of the time your clients will you ask you to just striptease and show off your goodies while chatting with them about different topics (it can be pretty much anything).

Anyone, as long as you are at least eighteen years old, of course, can sign up as a performer and start broadcasting and earning some cash and all credits from your shows will be cashed out for Bitcoin every time.

What Are Bitcoin Cams?

What is all about? Well, if you are looking to have a discreet live sex with sexy models live in your bedroom and you do not want to hassle with credit cards then here are where the Bitcoin cams come in handy.

Long gone are the days when you have to provide the personal information and have to worry about the porn name appearing on your bank statement.

Now, you can go to the cam site like Chaturbate that accepts Bitcoin and you can buy as many tokens as you want and transactions are always almost instant, easy and most importantly anonymous and safe so you can go to sleep knowing that your girlfriend, a wife or your government will never discover that you are having fun on the live cams using your cryptocurrency funds with very hot chicks.

So what are these sites and where can I find them?

You might ask these questions? Well, here is the list of all Bitcoin cam sites that have joined and spent hours on so I am 100% sure that they are real and trustworthy and they deliver on what they promise.

Chaturbate Now Takes Bitcoin

Chaturbate Live Cam Site

I have got the best news of this month for you guys! Yeah, the most liked free cam site named Chaturbate is taking now Bitcoin for their tokens and it is something I wanted them to do for years.

Finally fappers like me can buy some credits 100% anonymous and spend them on hot models without having to worry that the porn related charges will be shown on the credit card statement.

It is a very good move and let’s only hope that other websites will follow the suit and there will be more Bitcoin cams avaliable, because this is what we want to see in our adult industry.