Benefits Of Using Bitcoin Cam Sites

Privacy in today’s’ day and age is hard to achieve, with all the tracking, geolocation, banks, receipts, all pointing back to you, it feels nice to have some parts of your life safely hidden out of sight. It raises even more concerns when it comes to cam sites, and your sexual life, most people don’t like sharing their fetishes with others, and rightfully so, what happens behind the closed doors should stay there. That’s why you should use the safest payment option which is Bitcoin when purchasing credits to tip your favorite performer, or if you’re going into a kinky one-on-one show and want to use some money to get yourself the most valuable experience.

We have made a list of the best webcam sites to make your life easier so you do not have to go through all the bad places that only want to rip you off. You can check it out on the MyBitcoinCams right now.

The first thing you will notice is that most sites like LiveJasmin have multiple payment options listed, usually credit cards, PayPal, and Bitcoin. Each of these has certain benefits, but the question is, are they all safe? The answer is simple, no. If you were to pay with your credit card, you know that there is a bunch of stuff linking you back to the bank, your name is there, and you’re getting statements back at your address, which I’m sure you would agree with me, is not the best thing if you want to keep your privacy.

Then there’s PayPal, a bit safer option, but you still have to link your credit card, there are confirmation e-mails getting back to you, and someone might see it, it’s a chance you wouldn’t want to take, an unnecessary risk. With Bitcoin you’re free to do whatever you want on cam sites, your wallet is secured, there’s no name on it, safe from hackers, it’s practically impossible to get compromised even if you wanted to. Your anonymity is guaranteed, and there are more websites rushing to implement Bitcoin.

Considering every payment you make is encrypted, you can even make a different address each time you’re depositing money from an e-wallet for extra safety. And the waiting time for your transaction is barely noticeable, the moment you input your credentials and approve, you will have the money transferred to a cam site, and you set course on your journey.

Sometimes cam sites make your subscription a monthly recurrence, which can be bothersome, and you would get charged month after month until you actually decide to cancel it, but with Bitcoin, it won’t be an issue, since you can’t be charged without doing it yourself, no automated payments mean fewer headaches.

There are plenty of benefits for the websites as well, depending on the country they are operating in, cryptocurrency might not be taxed, which is making it much more appealing, and they are pushing to offer multiple benefits for Bitcoin-only purchases.

A lot of cam sites are offering bonus free credits for crypto payments, on top of keeping your safety, you are getting more action than the average user. The blockchain power of Bitcoin is making you anonymous, and makes sure you enjoy every moment of your webcam experience, without worries of someone like your wife or boss poking their nose in your business.