A Perfect Mix – Cams and Bitcoin

Do you remember that kid when he sang that catchy song“It is peanut butter jelly time?”

That perfect mix, peanut butter and jelly, can be compared to widely known internet sensations – Cams and Bitcoin! These two are starting to gain more and more popularity in live cam industry and it os a flawless match.

They are a perfect example of how digital technology has grown over the years and how the porn industry has excepted this modern payment option and how everybody is using them for their own benefit.

Let’s see how this business and pleasure, modern online relationship, have become the biggest game changing breakthrough in the adult content world.

If from time to time, you are visiting adult websites and enjoying their models, you probably thought at one point that you want to pay for some extra content.

Numerous private shows are currently available for everyone and they are offering a variety of payment options. You can use your credit card to pay, but you have to be extra careful, since hackers are now using prestigious technologies that can easily empty your wallet and even trace your location and then it can get even worse for you.

Bank statements can also show what adult websites you have been visiting and which amount of money have you been spending on them. Monthly membership is even higher when you are paying with credit card all due to increased fees from banks.

The safest way that you can enjoy a good jerk off is to use Bitcoin, and trust me, it is a lot cheaper and a lot easier.

  1. You do not have to buy one BTC you can buy a fraction of it. So, you can simply buy 0.1% and the price will be reasonable.
  2. It is really safe to buy Bitcoins. There are now trusted exchange platforms where you can do this with total anonymity.
  3. It is safe and sound in your crypto wallet and nobody, and I mean nobody, can take it from you. Not even hackers.

Webcams now, are also giving you option to watch, tip and enjoy your time by paying with Bitcoin.

No more unnecessary interruptions when your credit is gone from your account, since you can automatically connect your crypto wallet with webcam chat windows.

Everybody is starting to use this type of method for interaction with porn models as users are now anonymous, secured and happy that no one knows what are they doing with their BTC.

Models are getting paid, subscribers can have their freedom, and finally the oldest craft is blossoming again! Hallelujah for the 21st century and what it has brought to us, the perfect mix, porn technology and modern digital payment.