With all the technology we have today, getting the finest and most high-quality porn has never been easier. Through videos, pictures, gifs, and live shows practically every fetish you crave is ready to be found and relished. While the first three are pretty good, my Bitcoin cams are a lot better than the rest since they have a few perks (live interaction with models, et cetera) which videos, pictures, and gifs can not provide.

What I am referring to is endless amounts of live streams featuring the hottest chicks who are ready to do anything you ask of them, for a small fee of course.

Since there are a lot of options for payment on different sites, more and more live webcam sites like LiveJasmin are offering you a choice to pay with Bitcoin.

Paying with Bitcoin has proven to be one of the best payment methods and our Bitcoin website has embraced it to enhance your viewing experience.

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How is Bitcoin better than other payment methods

I am sure most of you already know the benefits of paying for porn with Bitcoin but I am going to explain a bit deeper what is going on and you might learn something new. Bitcoin is a currency but not like any other you use in your everyday life. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, etc. are all types of blockchain currency or cryptocurrency as it is also known.

Cryptocurrency is not linked to any other currency like the dollar, euro, or even gold and all purchases are hidden from view. What this means is that the payments and transactions you make through Bitcoin on webcam sites are encrypted and cannot be traced back to you.

That is right, our Bitcoin webcam site gives you total anonymity while buying the best live stream cam content from all over the world. Even the site owners do not have the information about their customers.

You do not have to worry about credit card information or bank accounts linking to you and your naughty side. Just get yourself some Bitcoins and start exploring.

Pros and Cons of using Bitcoin sex cams

When Bitcoin web sites first came to be, many were skeptical about them and thought they will not last long but as it turns out it is a perfect blend. Webcam sites wanted a fast and secure payment method and users wanted anonymity while buying.

Bitcoin has provided those needs and both users and owners are delighted. In fact, almost all of the Bitcoin webcam sites are so relieved to finally have the perfect payment option that they offer discounts on Bitcoin purchases. You actually get a discount and buy your favorite content for less with the cryptocurrency! I am positive some of you think you could not possibly afford a Bitcoin, right?

Well, you can get just 0.01 Bitcoin and still have a lot to spend. For managing your Bitcoin balance, you are provided with a personal wallet which you can use at any time on almost any platform.

With all the quality-of-life perks this payment method has to offer, you would think that Bitcoin has no weakness. And you would be right, mostly. The only downside Bitcoin has is that no refunds are available since the transactions cannot lead back to you, and you have no proof of them.

This does only happen on scam sites and you should be aware that those exist. However, most of the cam sites are of high-quality service and you will not have any problems while browsing for your favorite live content.